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The cultural appropriation is defined as the use of a culture’s symbols, artifacts, genres, rituals, or technologies by members of another culture. (Rogers. R 2006). That can be noticed in many countries around the world. For instance in the USA, Canada or in Palestine. Cultural appropriation is used in Palestine as a tool to dismantle the indigenous identity and to replace it with fake identity.

I have been working as a cartoonist for more than twenty years. I always notice the usage of some Iconic American photos, memorials or events as signifiers for some human values such as freedom, Justice or democracy. Although some cartoonists are against the United States policy, they still find it acceptable to do that. Last year, while I was working on a mural about the environment, which I finished with people raising a tree as I was inspired by the iconic photo of the American soldiers raising the American flag in Iwo Jima in the Second World War; that photo was taken by Joe Rosenthal. I have decided to change the last scene of my mural by using the photo of Faris Odih facing an Israeli tank in Gaza because we should celebrate with our Icons.  

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