My journey with this project had started when I was finalizing a mural about the environment. I was illustrating some people and animals trying to elevate a tree as a signifier of victory against pollution. I used Ieo Jema’s
photo as a reference to represent that. Then I asked myself: Why am l using that photo as a reference? Why don’t
I use a Palestinian photo to convey my Idea? Are the human values exclusive to western icons?
I have been working as a cartoonist for more than 20 years. During my journey, I have noticed that several cartoonists’ cartoons were dominated by Western culture and western Iconic photos. For me, what has provoked
a critical question has been whether westerners celebrate that culture. Does that usage help the western convey
his/ her narrative?
One of the most important photos which were used by several cartoonists to represent the victory against injustice, corruption, and illness is Ieo Jema’s photo. The photo from the second World War. It is recognized as
a signifier for the American victory de. Although we have tens of Palestinian photos which can represent the
same ideas, several artists have used them to represent their ideas, probably due to its worldwide recognition.
In this project, I am trying to celebrate the Palestinian icons, Photos, celebrities, and events. I do believe that
our icons are much more representative of human values due to our resistance for justice and freedom

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